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Thanksgiving 2017

Adventure Date: November 2017

Adventure Destination: Kittery Point, Maine

When people think of Thanksgiving the first thought it probably time with family… followed by FOOD. Fortunately for us, our Thanksgiving plans always include a ton of vegan food!

For the holiday we head down to the bottom of the state and enjoy time in beautiful Kittery Point Maine. Jenna’s aunt Jonel (@jonelleake) is used to creating vegan feasts and has always been super helpful in inspiring our own vegan cooking. While we normally spend Thanksgiving in Kittery we actually got a head start this year and arrived the day before with some of our own yummy stuff to share.

So, what were we tasked with this year? A vegan dinner the for Wednesday night, rolls for Thanksgiving day, and generally helping when we can around the kitchen.

Since we were heading down early on Wednesday we decided to eat our way down the state. We started at our favorite bagel shop in Bangor – Bagel Central.

For lunch we tried a new place in Portland called Pho Co. What did we have? Pho, obviously!

When we arrived in Kittery Point we unpacked and started to enjoy time as a family. When dinner rolled around we were up to feed everyone. Our Wednesday night dish? Tofu Bahn Mi’s on homemade bread.

While not everyone at the dinner is vegan everyone is at least open minded. One non-vegan said “I was skeptical… but I liked it”… we’ll take it!

The next day we were on to the main event. As I said, we made rolls for the day.

But there was SO much more for us to choose from!

Now, keep in mind that this is not everything… but it is everything I could fit on my plate before I was too full to even more!

Mac and Cheese, Brussels Sprouts, Pasta Bake, Stuffing, Chickpeas in Peanut Sauce, Tofu Sticks, Hummus, Pesto, Veggies and Crostinis… plus there was Corn, Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Squash, and assorted snack items like nuts and chips… ALL VEGAN and ALL YUMMY!

Of course, even though we were all stuffed, there was room for dessert

Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies, and Blueberry Bliss Balls!

While Thanksgiving is really about family the food is a close second. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do a vegan holiday cause it ain’t true!


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