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Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

So here comes a whopper of a post… this past weekend (October 2017) we took a trek down to Boston as part of Jenna’s upcoming birthday celebration. While down there we get to do SO many amazing things. The main focus of the visit though, the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and a Symphony of the Goddesses concert at the Wang Theater. While we were only gone about 36 hours total it was a PACKED 36 hours. We enjoyed ourselves so much we have already decided to make another trip next year to recreate the amazing experience we had!

On Saturday we arrived at the festival nice and early to be greeted by….

… a long line. This placed filled up fast!

We’d guess around 1000 people were there over the course of the day.

There were more vendors than we could type out here. It was not limited to one type of food (besides vegan). There were sweets,

savory foods,

new experiments, multiple cuisines, chain companies,

Shout out to @evokefoods for being awesome!

as well as clothing vendors, animal sanctuaries and camps, and activist groups. Certainly something for everyone! There were a ton of free samples and things for purchase. The energy was electric and it was truly humbling and inspiring to be in a room with so many like minded (and curious) people.

This donut was the bomb!

There were also speakers throughout the day. While we didn’t watch much of the speakers (as we were busy eating) we did see somewhat of a celebrity in the vegan/healthy lifestyle community…

Yep, that’d Dr. Greger… excuse of while we act like teenage girls at a Taylor Swift concert.

He was GREAT speaker and a super nice guy. He signed our copy of his book How Not To Die and even said he’d check out out blog. So if you’re reading this Dr. Greger… HELLO!

So what were our favorite vendors? It’s impossible to say as they were all really wonderful. But I will let this picture of a line for one of the vendors speak for how popular one place was.

This was a line for Vegan Treats Bakery. And yes, it was worth the wait! Check out Jon’s Instagram (@jsimonoff) for what we got.

After spending the day at the festival we went to By Chloe for a birthday dinner. We’d both totally go back. The Beet ketchup was great and the chipoltle aioli was UNREAL.

More pictures on @jazzedforveggies for that stop.

That evening we went to the concert (a blog for another day perhaps) before hitting the hay. The next morning we grabbed a bus and then drove all the way home. Of course not before stopping at one of our favorite Portland ME stops – Silly’s!

This mountain of food may not be the prettiest, but it sure was tasty!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it left us feeling inspired. Even if you’re not vegan if you get a chance to go a food festival you totally should! For the cost (free) you can’t go wrong with getting to try some new and exciting (and YUMMY) things!

Also, we totally represented our friends @plnt_bsd in Boston!


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