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Vegan Blogs

We are going to share our top 5 go to vegan blogs/YouTube channels! These sites are ones that we visit weekly or ones that we cared enough to click the little bell picture on YouTube so we get notifications when they post. These are specifically for food and recipe related things and not clothing/lifestyle/other products. That would be a whole different list. But that being said, some of these online personalities do have videos that go into that realm and we totally watch them too!

Now what a time to be a vegan! There are SO many various resources that have sprung up in even the past year. This list may even be outdated in a matter of months at this rate. For those looking for help transitioning or looking to spice up your routine it certainly won’t be hard finding inspiration! That being said, our top 5 certainly is a reflection of who we discovered first and what influence they have had on our cooking or confidence in the kitchen.

In no particular order here are our TOP 5 VEGAN BLOGS

5. EdgyVeghttp://www.theedgyveg.com/

A little (well a lot) quirky, a little (well A LOT) crazy, and very real. The Edgy Veg youtube channel was one of the first that we started watching. I can remember watching a video about making buffalo seitan bites right when we first started being vegetarian and not vegan yet. I found the video and asked Jenna what seitan was? Neither of us knew. I then asked what about vital wheat gluten (the flour needed to make seitan) and again, we didn’t have a clue. I even called one of our friends who was a part time caterer/vegan chef and asked. She was like “I think I’ve… seen it… maybe?”.

Fortunately for us we found some at the store, made the recipe, and loved it! It would become as staple at the time. While we now usually make our wings out of cauliflower, seitan does happen once in awhile. I think for me finding a blog of accessible mock meat (her slogan was “carnivore approved”) was super affirming and really helped me as a went down the path of veganism!

4. HotForFoodhttp://www.hotforfoodblog.com/

Speaking of cauliflower wings, our first HotForFood video was cauliflower buffalo wings. Now to be honest, when we first watched this video we found Lauren to be a bit… aggressive! Luckily we didn’t give just give up after that because then we’d be ignoring one of the most popular and hardworking vegan bloggers out there! The recipes are always awesome! Lauren (and John) have great personality and real passion. It’s fun to see what they comes up with and the fact that they don’t hold their opinions back makes it even better. We’ve lost track of how many recipes by them we’ve tried.

They are also really active. They post weekly and even have replied to us on Instagram. Talk about not forgetting the little guys!

3. KeepinItKind

So our most used cookbook is hands down the But I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner. We have cleaned our cookbook shelf out multiple times to donate ones we don’t really use but this one is never on the chopping block! The premise of it is perfect – how to cook foods for people oh so convinced that they couldn’t be vegan cause… reasons. Accessible, easy to moderately difficult, delicious recipes for many occasions (this is only one of her books by the way!). We have made meals from this book for both our parents, we’ve shared the book with multiple people, given it as gifts, and even used it as inspiration when creating our own recipes. Our current favorite recipe in the book is a tofu chevre.

She even occasionally posts vegan haiku’s on Instagram… just saying!

2. MinimalistBaker

The premise behind minimalist baker is pretty straight forward. “Simple, Delicious, recipes” that will either have few ingredients, minimal dishes to clean, or take less than half an hour to make. I think that’s all that needs to be said to realize why this blog is SO good. This blog is where we found our first chickpea salad recipes that we really loved. We makes their pancakes, Parmesan cheese, cookies, oats and many more regularly… the biscuits are AMAZING. The recipes are well thought out, accessible to all (who doesn’t love baked goods?) and the pictures on the site make your mouth water! We highly recommend trying anything from Minimalist Baker.

1. Peaceful Cuisine

Even look at someone and be jealous of how well they cook? Or where they live? Or how they can make things? How about where they travel? Or any other number of skills they show off once in awhile? Well let me show you that person for me! Peaceful Cuisine run by a guy named Ryoya from Japan. He posts recipe videos of absolutely beautiful (looking and tasting) food. He also posts occasional travel vlogs or tutorials of things he’s made (plates, tables, gift baskets ect…). The videos are often accompanied by music that he had a part in (he practices the cello). He seems super humble and down to earth and even with a language barrier you just feel “welcome” when you watch his videos. We highly recommend them, they almost feel like meditation!

Those are some of the blogs we love to frequent. There are many more and even some that we have just discovered recently that may make this list soon. If you have other blogs you love, please share them with us! There’s never a reason not to learn about new and great vegan blogs/YouTube channels!



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