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Super Musical End (Summer 2017)

Well all good things must come to an end, right? Last night we finished our last summer gig before the new school year. Fortunately it’s not our last gig ever (I don’t think that will ever happen thankfully) but our summer fun has come and gone. This summer was a whirlwind of musical experiences and if you want the full scope of them all you need to read about the first half and then this post!

Did you read the first half like I asked? You did? Good. Then you know we left off with a LOUD gig in Oakfield Maine. The next gig we had was one of our largest of the summer, an afternoon set at the Maine Potato Blossom Festival. This event is huge in Northern Maine. It brings in a ton of exhibits, vendors, and people. We had never actually been to it (we wouldn’t want to be tourists in our home town… or something) so it was a new experience all around. We got to play on a stage set up by a professionals staging company that provided all the equipment and a well trained sound team. We played for maybe 800 people throughout the set. It was a really fantastic experience.

A big amp, a pretty bass, and a homemade cold brew coffee!

Oh, and here’s a bonus shot of Jenna rocking out!

Saxophone players look so cool!

Our next musical endeavor was sort of a double header. We had back to back gigs two days apart at the Northern Maine Fair. One jazz…

and one Motown…

Now I need to mention that the jazz group (the County Combo we call ourselves) is a very fluid group. We are all trained musicians in it so it gels really well but it’s rarely the same combination of people for a gig. For example, the fair had one of our members missing and a brand new member joining us for the first time. It went really well and got to play for about… nine people…

To be fair the fair is not a fair place to judge us, fairly. A jazz combo and a fair with exhibits and rides and such really don’t mix. But we were asked back next year so that’s something!

The Motown band is more in line with the kind of crowd and kind of experience people are looking for in a night at the fair. We played inside (due to weather) under a metal roof. Another LOUD one for sure!

Our next outing was at the Washburn August Festival. Now, due to weather (are you seeing a theme?) we had to play inside. The inside venue happened to also be the place where the alumni potluck dinner was taking place. We actually had to wait 30 minutes into our start time to play our first note so that everyone had a chance to get their food and socialize. Another situation where the crowd and music didn’t quite fit. If you’ve ever seen that video about the “drummer at the wrong gig” it was like that… but for the whole band. It was a bit awkward.

Our last summer gig happened at the Crown of Maine Balloon Festival. We played outdoors to a decent crown under pretty gloomy weather.

It actually went really well. One of our favorite things about the Motown group is how well everyone listens and respects each other (musically speaking, but also just in general). While there were some less than ideal moments I think we can safely say that we wouldn’t change a thing about how this summer went. Every musical experience was one to remember. We don’t remember how many notes we played, how many mistakes happened, or how many people requested “Free bird” but we remember laughing, listening, grooving, and looking out at happy faces… the true reason to make music! Sharing what you love with each other!

Oh, and one more shot of me playing bass because bassists never get recognition!




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