What’s In My Gig Bag

Why do musicians always seem to be lugging so much stuff? I ask myself this ALL the time! But over the years we at Jazzed for Veggies have (and will continue to) refined our system. Here’s how it works for when we play gigs with our bigger band, the Star City Syndicate! Want to check us out? Here’s a listing of our current upcoming events and be sure to check back too, because it is always evolving!

Jenna: I use a soft sided gig bag for my tenor. It really saves on weight. My hard shell case weighs a ton comparatively. Plus, I can wear it on my back and my sax stand straps right on the side. I keep these pockets pretty uncluttered by carrying only my neck, mouthpiece, current reeds, neck strap and earplugs (we get loud!). I also have a water bottle stowed in the mesh pocket.

Jon: I also use a soft sided gig bag for my bass, for the ease of portability. In my pockets you will find multiple patch cords, extra strings, adjustment tools, tuner, spare batteries and earplugs. Basically, I want anything that can go wrong to be able to be fixed well enough so that I can finish a gig.

Together: Apart from our own instrument cases Jenna usually carries another gig bag (while Jon is lugging his amp). She bought a bright bag so that it is easy to spot backstage, or if it gets moved about by others during set up. This is where the real action is.

Obviously, it’s main purpose is to hold our binders of music. These are HUGE. They are the 3 1/2″ each. Our current song list sits at about 80 tunes for this band and we take them all just in case there are requests, or we need fillers. Most of our gigs are outside so sheet protectors are a must. Also, you will see extra cardboard. Many of Jon’s songs are three pages so the cardboard extends out for that third page.

Also in this bag you will find stand lights. You never know what the lighting situation is going to be so it is best to be prepared! We each have a double neck and then we carry a spare in case someone runs out of batteries.

This is where Jenna carries spare reeds and extra pencils instead of cluttering her horn bag.

Here we also keep a little ’emergency’ box with tissues, band aids (under the tissues, floss and spare hair ties…just in case!!

Lastly, the trunk of our car. Let’s face it musicians live out of their vehicles half the time! In the trunk we keep our music stands, hand weights (they have saved us by being placed on the base of our stands on windy days), extra extension cords, extra adapters for the amp, extra (old school) stand lights and a variety of outdoor clothing (everything from sweat towels to umbrellas to hats and gloves…we do live in Maine, after all!)

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our gear! Maybe we’ll even see you at a gig soon!

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