What Jon’s Listening to (and YOU should too)

As the quarantine goes on I think many people are starting to really feel the stale routines that we have to carry on with. We don’t have a ton of control over where we go, who we see, and, to an extent what we do. We are all trying to make the most of it for sure but it can be tough. I think that mixing the little things may help a bit.

For me, it’s always coming back to music. I’ve been playing A TON which is great but I’ve also been listening to a lot of things. Some old things and even some new. For example I’ve started listening to some Punk. I NEVER listen to Punk but I am actually enjoying it quite a bit! Maybe I’m feeling like rebelling from all the mandatory stay at home stuff?

Another group I’ve started to enjoy is Sophie and the Giants, a British Pop band which sounds pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the Pop genre – catchy riffs, and a predictable formula but with some cool elements that make them stand out (at least in my opinion). Things like poignant vocals, mixing some Electronica sounds, and some cool and colorful chords.

Check out this version of their song Runaway – starts pretty straight forward with a solid kick drum making us feel like dancing. As soon as the pre-chorus comes in though things get interesting. What a cool bass line! (I know, I’m particular bass lines). Then the chorus comes and guess what – ANOTHER cool bass line with some chromatic passing tones but still fitting in with the “dancey” drums. It’s a feel good tune!

In fact, I like the bass so much I decided to figure out the Pre-chorus and chorus. I even got to use my new clamp on camera clip that Jenna got me for my birthday, THANKS JENNA!

Now sure, that track doesn’t really fuse much Electronica elements in it but their latest – Hypnotized certainly does! Check it out here!

If you’re finding yourself looking for something new, something that makes you feel like moving, or just something “feel goody” when things may not really feel all that good – check out Sophie and the Giants… or just any new music! If you find something cool let us know… I am always up for discovering something new!

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