What Jon’s Listening to (and YOU should too)

So progressive rock is cool, right? I mean with crazy guitar lines, heavy riffs, and out-there grooves what’s not to like? Add in horns and a violin and you’ve got my current musical obsession – Thank You Scientist.

Now I’m late to the party as these guys have been around for a few years but better late than never, right? I’m absolutely enamored with this band and for good reasons. They combine many of my favorite things to hear in music.

I’m not exaggerating – here is a list of some of the things I really like to hear in the music I listen to.
1. Real instruments.
2. Horns.
3. Advanced harmonies.
4. Groovy beats.
5. Virtuosic lines.
6. Solos.
7. And I still like to hear some heavy riffs that remind me of my angst filled teenage years.

Thank You Scientist checks every mark on this list. I mean, check out what many people consider to be their break out hit – Mr. Invisible.

You hear just everything on my list in the first 30 seconds or so but lucky for me the song goes on for about another 7 minutes! “But wait!” you say, “where is the heavy sounds you mentioned?”. Well that comes at the chorus about 2 minutes in (and the the background horn syncopation is awesome too).

While the song may be a bit longer than your average radio song (but could be short compared to other progressive rock songs) it’s worth the full listen. In fact, it’s worth multiple listens because you’ll hear different things each time as the song has some really dense writing.

My current favorite song is called Geronimo. Specially the chorus, again about 2:15 into the song.

Thank You Scientist not only makes impressive music but the music is consistently impressive with excitement through multiple listens. While their music may not be everyone’s cup of tea I hope you at least listen with an open mind so that you can hear the potential that like minded and talented musicians can achieve when the work together.

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