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Weekend Ideals

The past two days have been fill with all our favorite things. If we even had one week each month that played out this weekend, we would feel wonderfully fulfilled. Our weekend consisted of tasty food, nature, music, friends, giving back and relaxation. That sounds like a lot, but we’ll show you how it happened.

Saturday morning began with French toast and homemade vegan sausage. Clearly can’t go wrong there! We used the Minimalist Baker recipe and added some pumpkin pie spice.

After breakfast we did a bit of tidying up and fall decorating around the house before hopping in the car to head to a new-to-us hiking trail. The drive was stunning with all the fall colors. We found the trailhead in the little town of Perham, Maine (population of approximately 350 people). Now, even with the wonderful breakfast to start the day, I (Jenna) admit to being in a bit of a funky mood. This sweet trail turned that all around for me a gave me the perspective I needed to have a wonderful day. Nature does that for me.

The portion of trial that we did was 3 miles and half way out there was a beautiful observation deck that we took time to sit and enjoy our surroundings at. The air was crisp, but not cold. We couldn’t help but be amazed by the beauty in the trees and the smells of fall.

After our hike we returned home for warm showers and a light lunch before heading into town for an afternoon gig. A gig that was very special to us and provided an opportunity for us to give back to our community. The Star City Syndicate partnered with the Aroostook Autism Support Group to put on a sensory friendly concert!

We had SO MUCH fun. Audience members were given the opportunity to enjoy music on their own terms. By having it mid afternoon, we used mostly natural lighting to create a more comfortable setting. Noise reducing headphones were provided for those who are sensitive. We left the center of the gym open so folks could move and stim (flap, jump, spin etc.) as needed. It was an intentionally smaller crowd and we only brought a portion of our sound equipment to keep the decibels within a friendly range. Some songs we played with fewer instruments allowing time for some of us to head into the audience and interact. This was my favorite part.

The joy was pure and the response unchecked. This is why we make music. To share unfiltered happiness with everyone.

Saturday night we were happy-tired. We went home and played fun, lighthearted video games to unwind from such a wonderful day.

Sunday, we both woke early but were happy to get up an putter in the kitchen wearing cozy robes, sipping coffee/tea and listening to music. We had lunches and other foods for the week prepped by 8am without any stress. The rest of the day was spent relaxing. We each did our own things, but we did them while being home together. We played games, Jon watch a scary movie or two. I worked on a puzzle. Jon went for a jog, I read. It was slow paced and rejuvenating. We are ready to tackle another great week at school.

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    Judy Michaud
    October 7, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    Would love to see some pics of the cats.

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