The Song of Purple Summer

A lot of musicians are doing things electronically during the pandemic. I think we’d rather make music together but we are grateful to have an option that lets us be expressive together safely.

You probably have seen and heard some of these recordings. These are things such as live steam concerts and distance videos (think of everyone in their own space/box playing together). These videos are often not recorded at the same time due to latency issues. They are instead individually recorded and then synced together after. It’s a pretty neat way to make music! And it’s exactly what I did with Molly – a new teacher and excellent singer up here in Northern Maine.

We decided to do a song from the musical Spring Awakening called The Song of Purple Summer. It’s a beautiful song and our arrangement is made up of one bass guitar and voice. I am quite happy with how it turned out – please take a listen!

We had a lot of fun with this and there are more to come! If musicals aren’t your thing there’s some pop, some rock, some Beatles, and even some jazz that may come your way in the near future.

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