The “Bass-ment”

I wanted to make the first music blog post about my collection of my main instrument, the bass guitar. I currently own own seven bass guitars and one upright bass and the story I keep telling Jenna is that they are all unique, important, and serve a purpose so that HAVE to have at least seven… maybe even more! Even though I keep them all upstairs I’m going to call this post the “bass-ment” and feel really clever about that title. Feel free to ask me anything about the basses in the comments. I love talking about basses and I don’t think Jenna can take another conversation about the tonal qualities of my G&L versus my Spector’s C string.

Lakland 55-02 AKA – My best friend

I adore this bass. It has just about everything going for it in my opinion. The 35 inch scale and string through body give it sustain and depth throughout the whole range. The low B is one of the best feeling low B’s I’ve played on. The neck is a bit large but I’ve gotten used to it. It also is sporting a real pretty almost natural finish which I think looks really slick. I got this bass when I was a sophomore in college and I haven’t regretted it one bit.

I’m not sure if Lakland is the most popular brand but I certainly stand by this bass. I’ve played on it so much it almost feels like an extension of myself at this point… I sometimes don’t even think about it, it just does what I want it to do!

Preferred style to play with it – Any and all! It’s got a lot of customization with sound so it can fit in many different settings and because I’m so used to it I will often use it so that I’m comfortable.

G&L L2500 AKA – The pretty orange one

This is one of my newer basses. I really wanted to try a 5 string tuned with a high C so I had this bass customized to try it out… and I love it! I am also a sucker for the color orange so I got this one with a flashy orange finish. The bass plays beautifully and expressively. I would consider this my secondary and use it quite often for things that need either a bright sound, a soloistic sound, or something very chord heavy.

Preferred style to play with it – Jazz and solo bass pieces. The high C, the easy and slick neck, and the comfortable body make this bass real nice for playing exposed music.

Fender Jazz AKA – The (almost) classic

Here’s an existentialist question… can you call yourself a bass player and not own a Fender? Here’s a better question… is that the right use of the word existentialist? I have this bass mainly for gigs playing “older” music. While it’s totally a modern remake and not an old classic bass it still fits the bill pretty well when playing oldies. It’s also a nice bass to bring out when I want to play something the weighs less and has less going on electronically.

Preferred style to play with it – Oldies and classics… or when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to lug a heavier bass around.

Spector 6 string – AKA the best of both worlds… kinda

Before I had the G&L for the high C I had the Spector. This bass is kind of beastly. It’s got a huge neck (duh) and 24 frets for great range. I use this a lot with recording and when playing musicals. I do think it’s a bit heavy and the body shape isn’t the most comfortable so unless I need the entire range in a set I’ll opt to use either the Lakland or the G&L.

Preferred style to play it with – Since it’s has the most range of any bass I own I use it for things that need the range.

Fender Fretless Jazz- AKA the “mwah” maker

This one is easy to justify as fretless basses are unique in their sound. This is my newest bass and I picked it up second hand at that. It plays well and does exactly what you’d expect a fretless bass to do… which is sound AWESOME.

Preferred style to play with it – Any music that needs a fretless… or any music that needs to sound way cooler by adding a fretless to it!

Ibanez acoustic electric bass – AKA still not loud enough without electronics

Acoustic electric basses are unique in their sound. There is a certain earthiness to the tone that is really fitting in certain styles of music. It also fits really well in acoustic sets because… well it’s acoustic! This bass is great for playing on the go. While it’s not loud enough with other instruments it’s great on it’s own and it has made several appearances on my front porch early on a summer morning. Now I don’t really have neighbors but if I did they wouldn’t complain because you can barely hear it!

Preferred style to play with it – Acoustic sets or playing outside on a sunny morning.

ESP “piccolo bass” – AKA the experiment

I’ll be honest and say this bass is just for fun. I bought a cheap bass and had piccolo strings put on it. I don’t have much use for it in all honesty (don’t tell my wife!) but it is fun to bring out once in awhile to add a different color to a piece of music. If I were to part with a bass, it’d be this one.

Preferred style to play with it – Solo stuff or unique music? Something eclectic for sure.

I also own two other basses that are not bass guitars. One of them is a Kala UBass because how cool is a bass ukulele? The other is an Upton Bass Hybrid Hawkes upright bass. I played the upright all the time in college and still do occasionally for jazz or classical music.

Oh by the way, how do I house them you ask?

Just in the super awesome carousel bass rack that spins! It’s ok to be jealous…


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