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Sew…What’s New?

One would think I have accomplished a great many things at my sewing machine with all of this extra time on my hands. Truthfully, I haven’t. I will be honest that the first few weeks I couldn’t bring myself to sit at my machine. It has taken me a while to put a finger on why, but I think I finally figured it out about two weeks ago. I was unknowingly mourning adventure. Adventure? You thought this was a sewing blog!

Months ago my mother, a couple friends and I signed up for the trip of a quilters’ dream! That’s right. We were packing our bags to fly to Hamilton, Missouri in July! Yes, you read that right. Missouri. But not just Missouri. We were going on a retreat at the Missouri Star Quilt Company. You will just have to trust me when I say that this is a huge deal!

It has occurred to me that even in March when we were first issued the Stay At Home order, I knew deep down that this trip was compromised. I think the real reason I couldn’t bring myself to sit at the machine was because the bag I was working on I had chosen to make specifically for this trip! I was mourning the loss of that adventure, meeting new people, learning tips and tricks from a professional and the memories that were sure to be made.

With that realization, came the opportunity to simple name it and claim it. I was BUMMED. The event hadn’t been officially cancelled so there was a very small bit of lingering hope (dreaming). Plus, there was sewing to be done! Masks needed to be made. I found my way back to the machine and since then, I have been able to find my groove again.

I finished the bag for the trip. The following week it was officially cancelled. BUT, we have the opportunity to rebook for next year. The bag will still be great perfect for the trip in a year.

I have made so many of these bags, yet only had one for myself and it holds all my sewing supplies. For years I have been saying I would like another for electronics, charging cables and accessories. Well, I finally made one! Plus, I shopped entirely in my own stash for all of it! Who doesn’t love a good bag? A free one on top of that? Even better.

I also have been plugging away and making some extra potholders. We love these nice thick potholders because they are the perfect size and wash so easily. In the first picture you see some that are sewn and then cut. Once I add a binding to them we will put them in the wash to soften and create the thickness. I learned this trick from some friends down on the coast at a retreat we attend annually.

Lastly, I have been brushing up on my free motion quilting using these muslin practice panels from a wonderful class I took at the State Quilt Show a few years back. I have a few wall hangings that I intend to finish off with this gift of time!

Our quilting adventure will happen. Just not as planned. Until then, I will continue creating with the many tips, tricks and memories I have already had the pleasure of experiencing.

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    Lexie Hartung
    May 13, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    lol Missouri Star Quilts, nous Missouri Quit Star. I looked and looked at that and couldn’t quite put my finger on what didn’t look right…

    • Reply
      May 14, 2020 at 10:35 am

      eek! Fixed it. I’d reworked that paragraph and and must have gotten it jumbled!

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