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September Challenge

Lately, we have been working hard to really clean up our diets. I’m sure you know the drill. Our main focus has been to get back to focusing on choosing more whole foods and greatly decreasing the amount of processed foods that have crept back into our meals.

As a result, we have been eating two or three recipes a week from our Forks Over Knives cookbook. For us, this cookbook is our healthiest option that still packs flavor and satisfaction. We already are noticing a difference in how we feel. That being said, we also know we could still up our game. So, for the month of September we are challenging ourselves to eating dinners from Forks Over Knives.

To make this more enticing I bought the Forks Over Knives Recipe App ($5.99) for my iPad too. While there are a few duplicates, there are even more recipes to add to our arsenal in addition to the original cookbook. While the app is new to us, I can already tell we are going to like it, but we will be back with a more formal review at the end of the month.

We love the original cookbook, but sometimes it is a bit harder to get excited to try new recipes because there aren’t many pictures! If you know me, you know I get frustrated when cookbooks don’t have pictures. I need the visual inspiration! The app has pictures for all recipes. In fact, one of the recipes we had recently was one that I had previously turned my nose up at in the cookbook based on only the ingredients listed but in the app the picture was so enticing I was willing to try it and now it is a favorite!

Another bonus is that I am always just lightly tweaking recipes. Sometimes the ingredients, other times the cooking methods. I like to comment on recipes that we’ve tried so that if we come back to it it will be even tastier (or to avoid retrying dishes we REALLY didn’t care for). The app has a place for you to write notes in! I’ve already used and love it!

We will likely need some accountability for this challenge since it is for a whole month. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and we will post what we make. If you like what you see, maybe this app will work for you too!

Be well and stay healthy, friends!

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