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A couple weeks ago we decided to travel a bit further than we had in MONTHS. Throughout a typical year we generally travel to the Bangor, Maine area about once a month. We go to stock up on bulk items at the lovely Natural Living Center, to dine out with a variety of options not available to us where we live and to just treat ourselves to some time away!

Clearly we have been unable to do that for quite some time now and to be honest, we impressed ourselves with how well we used our resources and made our stock last, made do without and even tried our hands at some travel meal recreations! That being said, we finally felt it reasonably safe to venture a bit further to restock our pantry and treat ourselves to some time away.

We were VERY impressed with the stores and restaurants! Safe practices and appropriate social distancing were being practiced and enforced. Kudos to those who work in these industries. I can’t imagine how trying it must be!

To make an adventure of running a bunch of errands, we decided to make a night of it. We found a campground and decided to throw our backpacking tents in the car and wing it!

The only thing we didn’t really thinK about was the fact that we were traveling on a Monday. We were dreaming of big tasty salads from Fork and Spoon for lunch but when we pulled up, they were closed. We knew they were closed on Mondays, but we just didn’t put two and two together! We also had been dreaming of tacos too, so we scooted back across town to hit up Miguel’s. But wait….it was Monday. They are also closed on Monday! Well that threw a little wrench in things because we were feeling pizza and were already planning on sushi for dinner. Is it weird to travel this far and go to the same restaurant twice in one day? Maybe, but Green Tea has lots of options so that’s what we did!

For lunch we split an order of General Tso’s Tofu and fresh spring rolls that we took to Cascade Park to enjoy!

General Tso’s Tofu and Spring Rolls from Green Tea

After completing a few more errands we headed to the campground to check in and get the site set up. It was a beautiful warm day with a lovely breeze. Perfect weather for an afternoon catnap! I slept very soundly and when I woke up, I sat at our picnic table staring into space, slowly waking up, happy as a clam when I hear kids playing at the campsite across the way. All of a sudden, my brain tunes in to the kids voices and I hear clear as day “I think that’s Mrs. S!……HI MRS. S”. Yep. Students! It was lovely to see them even with pillow creases still on my cheeks and less than coherent thoughts. They were very excited and probably would have spent the entire evening at the picnic table with me but we had adventure ahead of us still.

In the cooler early evening we headed to the City Forest hoping to make use of the Bog Walk. Jon has been on it, but it seems every time I go it is closed (either too early or too late in the season). Well, this time was no different! Thinking back we should have expected it. It would be difficult to pass other visitors at a safe distance on the boardwalk. No worries, they have plenty of other trails that we enjoyed and it just leaves me an adventure yet to be had! It was super buggy, but a lovely outing.

City Forest Trails

After getting some good miles in we were hungry for dinner so we put in that order for sushi we had been dreaming about. Our original plan was to take it back to our campsite to eat, but seeing how buggy it was getting we decided to not have food around the site to keep them a bit more tolerable so back to Cascade Park we went. The view here is pretty hard to take, as you can see.

Sushi from Green Tea

After a wonderful night of sleep I woke up early, made a cup of tea and walked down to the edge of the lake to enjoy the calm morning.

The morning was off to a great start only to continue getting better because after we packed up camp we headed downtown to one of our absolute favorite places. Bagel Central. Marbled Rye Bagels with tofu cream cheese. We figured we had eaten our previous two meals at Cascade Park so why not make it a “thing” for this trip and enjoy our last meal there as well!

Breakfast from Bagel Central

Knowing we had a long drive ahead of us after finishing the last of our shopping that morning we made good use of being at the park by walking the trails there too!

Trails at Cascade Park

All in all, it was a very good trip for us. We got everything on our shopping list, had some delicious food, took some lovely walks with new scenery, saw lots of wild life (including Jon’s first bear) and got to sleep outside!

Fun tree at the top of the falls at Cascade Park.

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