Process Over Product

I recently finished a quilting project that did not turn out very good at all! It does not lay flat and stitches aren’t consistent just to name a few flaws…That being said I am still going to display it, quirks and all, in my home. Why would I want to be reminded each day how I messed up or could have done better? Well, I suppose that is a matter of perspective. I could think negatively like that but then I might not “hear” the story that this item of creation has to tell!

Above is a picture of said creation. An adorable wall hanging of two kitties. They represent our fur balls, Fret and Nooch. It also represents a crazy time in my life where school shut down and I used sewing as an outlet to calm my brain from running a mile a minute with “what-ifs”. Sometimes it took more time that usual to calm my mind, likely resulting in a lack of attention to small details and bringing out the quirks, but in the end the process did indeed serve its purpose and calmed my train of thought.

This project is also the first one I completed on my brand-new-to-me machine. There were learning curves and a change in set up to my sewing space. I chose to take risks and try new stitches and techniques. After all, we have to learn somewhere!

Bottom line, if you are ever visiting and I forget to change out the wall hanging to one that is suitable for company, Please don’t look too closely at the product itself and instead remember the purpose of the process through which it was made. The wall hanging will still brighten the room and bring a smile to my face regardless of the quirks!

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