New Bass!

So if you’ve read our other blog post you have seen my collection of bass guitars. Some may say (cough, Jenna, cough) I had too many but I had uses for each bass. Each had it’s own role and reason…

But even I can admit that some really did get more use than others. After much thought I decided to downsize (slightly). I traded three of my other basses to get one real nice one that I had been eyeing for awhile. The basses that traded were my Fender Jazz, my 6 string, and the bass I had tuned with piccolo strings. I figured my 6 string and the piccolo bass were overlapping a lot in their role with my GnL. I liked my Fender Jazz but I didn’t love it (don’t hate me, fellow bass players).

So why did I trade these basses you may ask?

Well, to get this pretty thing!

This is a Lakland 4 string P-bass! It has all the things I love about Lakland (neck feel, string through body, comfortable body) and it fills a gap in my bass arsenal.

As you know I primarily play in a modern rock/old rock/Motown group called the Star City Syndicate. And as I’m sure everyone also knows, you can’t go wrong with a passive P-Bass in fitting into those styles. Basically, this bass is perfect for what I do musically but also it’s perfect for how I like to play!

I’ve been very happy with it so far and I’m sure you will be seeing (or hearing) it very soon! Here’s a little sample of it in action! Listen to the bass underneath for my new thing! Ignore the midi brass, we were just using it as a practice track. Also, bonus GnL bass solo!

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