My New Sewing Table

As Jon promised a couple blog posts ago my birthday present was to upgrade my sewing table. I had previously been using plastic folding table that was just over 5 feet long. I have been thinking about an upgrade for a while now and had been doing a fair bit of research. Thanks, Pinterest.

I didn’t rush into choosing from the most commonly found Pinterest custom builds for quilt or cutting tables though and I am thankful for that because it gave me time to evaluate what I personally wanted from the table and also the best use of space given that I share it with Jon for his music recording.

I knew that I needed a sturdy table. When sewing through multiple layers my machine would bounce a bit on the plastic table. Also, I knew that I wanted a table that was closer to 6 feet long so that my extension table didn’t crowd over my cutting mat. For these reasons, I chose a 6’ butcher block for my table top.

Then, there is the necessity of extra storage! Let’s face it. Quilters have a lot of tools and such. Most DIY tables on Pinterest used storage cubes for the legs of the table, but I didn’t want to go this route because I knew I wanted to sit at the end of my table to make the most of the top surface. These cubes mean that you chair has to be a foot in from the end of the table and I didn’t feel like that was the best use of space. My compromise was to use peg board at the ends of the table for storage and organization. On my cutting mat end of the table I use the peg board to store my rulers so they are close by! The top two best peg board uses on my sewing machine side of the table were this basket and hooks to raise the power strip. With my other table I was forever juggling my water bottle or tea mug. There never seemed to be a good place for it! They both sit securely here now! It seems simple, but it really is a game changer. Raising up the power strip certainly wasn’t a necessity, but it beats trying to find it under the table with my toe! The peg board also added to the sturdiness of the table since they were fastened to the table legs.

I chose to use 29” table legs. Those of you who sew and are reading this may think that is a bit high to sit at and it is! Again, I have really spent time thinking this through. I wanted a height that was comfortable to both sew and cut at. Since I am not the tallest person, this height works comfortably for cutting and then when I sew I have my chair all the way up. Below the table I have a sturdy box big enough for both my feet and pedal so that I am sitting ergonomically. A bonus feature of this box is that there is a bit of a lip around it so the pedal doesn’t fall off.

Another bonus about my table being this height is that the 3 drawer bin that sits under my table could now be put on castors so I can roll it out for extra surface space. It will come in handy to store material on as I am cutting a project or placing finished block on when sewing!

While my birthday isn’t officially until the end of the month. Jon was on top of taking my requests and building this beauty early. The particular length of butcher block I wanted our store doesn’t carry (every other length it did though)! With COVID they weren’t sure how long it would take to arrive. They said they were having a hard time getting some things shipped. I was prepared to wait and not settle for less than my dream space. You can’t imagine the surprise when we got a call within a week saying it was already in! Jon put the legs on that very night and then the following weekend he added the peg board for me while I caught up with a friend over a cup of tea! Talk about spoiled!

Having a space that is functional, comfortable and inviting is inspiring. I have finished off many projects already this month and am dreaming of many more in these winters months to come.

Thank you Jon for gifting me not only this table but also your time and a place that inspires my creativity!

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