Morning Routine

Goooood Morning!!

I hope you are smiling! Who doesn’t like a picture of a goofball cat?!?

Do you have a morning routine? We have been trying out a new one this month and we wanted to share it with you!

We’ve been getting up at 5am since the start of the school year. It is 30 minutes earlier than last year. With that 30 minutes, we’ve been doing whatever we want! At the beginning of the month we loved using the opportunity to get out for a morning walk/jog and that was an amazing start to the day!! It really set a serene yet energizing tone to the day. In the last week or so, it has been really too dark in the morning to get outside and walk on the road safely. It also takes me longer to get moving when it is dark in the morning so it has been nice to crawl out of bed and come wake up slowly on the couch. Other mornings, we tackle extra things on our to-do list and get a head start to the day (like writing a blog!).

To be honest we thought that part way through the month 5 am would become a real struggle, but I have to report that it really hasn’t been bad at all! In fact, I am finding I am much more ready to tackle the day by not rushing at home in the morning.

PLUS….if we weren’t up early we wouldn’t get to see gorgeous sunrises or our epic moose neighbors! As seen in the cover photo.

We would also miss snuggle time with our precious, beautiful, ladylike cats….

What do you love about mornings? If your answer is nothing, we encourage you to find a way to invest in yourself before you begin your workday.

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