Keeping Busy

What a strange time we are currently in… there is so much going on in the world (did you hear about the “murder hornets” thing?). But even so it’s also an amazing time. I mean, I don’t think there is anything particularly awesome about a global pandemic (and did you hear about the “murder hornets” thing?) but at least many of us have the tools at our disposal right now to be able to not go completely crazy during this lock-down.

Now I’m not for one second going to claim that we aren’t luckier than many. We have jobs, live in an area where we can get outside, and even though it’s still cold out, winter has passed. We also have hobbies that we can easily do right now to break up the monotony of being home each day. Just yesterday Jenna wrapped up a sewing project she’d been working on and I’ve been doing some projects as well.

Since I’m a teacher I thought it’d be best to demonstrate what I’ve been up to in the form of a quiz. Don’t worry though, it’s not like a math quiz. This is a MUSICAL quiz. Way better, right?

So here’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve asked some of my musical friends (and if I haven’t asked you yet it’s probably coming) to pick a song that they want to perform bass and vocal duet. Sound exciting? Maybe not but we’ve been having fun with it! It’s just a way to keep creative, keep connected, and keep busy right now. So here are three demos (not final product) I’ve done so far… can you name the tunes? Bonus points if you can guess who picked the song and will be singing them?

So here are just the bass part (and any rests would be filled by the second person). These are all well known songs but certainly not normally bass guitar only. Still I don’t think they are too tough at all to figure out. Think you know? Let us know! There is no prize but think of it as a game of “Name That Tune”.

Use the comment section on this page to guess or even leave the song you’d do a duet with? Maybe we can something happen!

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