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We live in Maine. Northern Maine. We live in the willy-wags of the willy-wags. We’ve got this. 

The actual community we live in has one church and a grange hall (where we vote…three at a time, though I have never seen more than two at a time there…with no curtains). That is it. No gas station, no store, no post office. 

That being said, neighboring towns do have those commodities and we live on the edge of town relatively close. In white-out or conditions in the winter, travelling these back roads even a few roads over to the next town can be a risky situation.

As a result, we always have at least a two week preparedness plan. And not just for food. We’d like to share our vegan version!

We will break it down into categories for you: Food, Supplies, Entertainment


We stock mostly canned and dry goods, but also keep our freezer well stocked too. 

Pantry Dry Goods: Black beans, Lima beans, Garbanzo beans, Red lentils, Green lentils, Rice, Couscous, Quinoa, and Pasta (galore!), 15 Bean soup mixes, Dried mushrooms, Nuts, powdered peanut butter, Protein powder, Powdered greens

Pantry Cans/jars: Jarred pasta sauce, canned tomato (pizza, paste, diced and stewed), Butter beans, Baked beans, Soups

Freezer: Mixed berries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas, Mango, Greens cubes (we make our own), Corn, Peas, Mixed Vegetables, Herbs, Vegan shredded cheese, Zucchini

Others: Dried Spices and Flours and Oats, MultiVitamins

Great we have lots of stuff. What do we do with it though? As long as we have power we love making use of our instant pot and slow cooker for bean soups, curries, chili,  and bean salads. With what we have above we can make bean burgers, smoothies, pasta dishes, potpie, breads, and  even pizza! 

What if we lose power? We are still covered! With camp stoves we can head out (yes, out…ventilation is important but at least it doesn’t take that long) and quickly use them to at least boil water. Boiled water…delicious? Just kidding! But with just boiled water we can make oatmeal (sweet or savory), couscous and quinoa meals and pasta! Not to mention heating up soups and canned goods.

Would this be of your finest nutrition? Certainly not, but with the help of those MultiVitamins and good fiber you will be at least a step ahead of others!


Well stocked first aid kit, extra batteries, a hand crank lantern, a solar powered battery bank, USB battery bank, headlamps and flashlights (that have permanent homes and can be easily found in the dark…in every room), propane tanks for gas grills, extra water, sleeping bags and extra quilts

Entertainment (aka sanity):

We love our electronics like most so we often watch movies and play video games! But we always keep books, puzzles, board games, card games, trivia, instruments and the sewing machine ready at a moment’s notice too! We also keep a home gym to help us stay moving and healthy. We have a treadmill, hand weights, strength bands and yoga mats as well as a few trusty workout DVDs to follow if we need the inspiration.

While the toilet paper thing may be a bit crazy in our nation I will say this…In Maine you can tell when a storm is about to hit by looking down the registers in the grocery store. At each one you will find: a gallon of milk (almond for us…), a loaf of bread and….you guessed it….extra toilet paper.

We Mainers have been ahead of the curve for years.

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