Hot for Food Cookbook Review

Welcome to our 50th post! Time flies when you are having fun!

Many tricks of the vegan trade that we have learned have actually come from YouTube! One of the first vegan YouTube channels we subscribed to was Lauren Toyota’s Hot for Food. In fact our first successful batch of Buffalo Cauliflower came from Hot for Food and it’s still our go to method of making the dish! She has a website too where you can see many recipes posted. Now, fortunately for the vegan community, she has recently published her own cookbook and we were so excited we actually pre-ordered it to make sure we’d get one right away.

We’ve had the book for about a week and experimented with three recipes. While we plan on making many more we think we can give a decent review of the cookbook. Spoiler alert – IT’S AWESOME!

Dish 1 – Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

Since the first recipe from Hot for Food was Buffalo Cauliflower it seemed fitting to make the Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich as our first meal from the cookbook. Jon made some hamburger buns, I made some fries, and boy did we feast!

The dish is essentially the same as the wings with just a few tweaks. The cookbook lays the steps out in an fun and easy to follow manner. Not only that but each recipe has pictures which, let’s face it, make the book so much more exciting (now if only there were scratch and sniff pages too…). I think our picture is good but the photos in the book are fantastic!

Dish 2 – Spicy Peanut Noodles

Jon is big pasta fan and we both love a good peanut sauce so it’s like this dish was made for us. It’s really simple to put together, super tasty, and tastes even better the next day!

One thing we highly recommend with both these dishes is to use the garnishes (pickles, ranch, cilantro, ect…). Lauren really has planned out the best ways to make these dishes an explosion of flavor. Her palette (and therefore her suggestions) are top notch.

The lime and spiciness of this dish are the best parts and elevate it above other dishes with peanut sauce. We plan on making this again soon!

Dish 3 – Blackberry Crumble Bars

To give this review variety we had to make a dessert (aww shucks)! All I have to say is YUM! We may or may not be eating one as we type this up. The crust is bomb! I see us using whatever berries are in season throughout the year.

In summary, this book matches the high quality of content Hot for Food presents on the web. It’s got her fun personality, a wide variety of tasty recipes, scrumptious pictures, and easy to navigate instructions. If it’s not already obvious we highly recommend the Hot for Food Cookbook (and YouTube channel…and website…and Instagram…we’re not stalkers, I swear)!

Go out and get your copy!

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