Eco-Friendly Gift Suggestions

‘Tis the season! Anyone struggling with what to get for people? Need last minute ideas? Here are some suggestions!

As many of our long-time readers know, we travel to my (Jenna’s) aunt’s house in November to celebrate. We call it Thanxsmas as we share a Thanksgiving meal with aunts, uncles and cousins Thursday, spend time together Friday and then share family Christmas gifts after a big breakfast Saturday morning.

Stay tuned for a seperate blog about Thanxmas itself. It’s coming soon!

We are at the point that the family, cousins included, are all adults and let’s face it nobody really NEEDS anything so gift giving can be tricky! Sound familiar to anyone? My family is so thoughtful to make sure gifts will be useful or meaningful, not just extra stuff.

Jon and I decided go to with theme gifts this year for the aunts and uncles. We wanted to gift items that we use on a regular basis, if not daily in our journey to create less waste. My mum even got on board and gifted the girls in the family with an item in the same Eco-friendly theme!

We think, based on their reactions that all gifts went over quite well! My Mum really wanted to buy the girls quality reusable produce bags. She asked us for brand suggestions and I am glad she did because we have tried a variety, including making our own. Our favorite is Naturally Sensible. We have had ours for multiple years now, they wash well, are durable and most important the cashiers like them because they can read the sticker codes through them without having to open each bag which inevitably slows the whole line up! Our grocery store even has the brand written down for when folks ask for suggestions and we are tempted to start carrying information cards with us because people ask about them all the time! We haven’t gone to cards yet, but folks do take pictures of the tags on their phones!

The first thing Jon and I knew we wanted to gift are these reusable freezer bags. Again, we had already tested a wide variety of brand and styles on our own. The Stasher brand is very popular, but to be honest, the price was a little steep for us since we wanted multiple sizes. The brand that we found that was easy to use, simple to wash, sealed well (and easily) and didn’t stain or leach flavor without breaking the bank is Blue Avocado. Again, we we have personally used ours for multiple years and are still in love with them!

To go along with the freezer bags, we also included this handy drying rack for after they come out of the dishwasher to keep them like new and lasting for years! Side note: for any hikers or bikers out there this is super hand for drying hydration bladders too! While nothing fancy, this is a super useful tool. We also use it for our reusable snack bags too!

We also included two sets of Food Huggers too. We use them all the time for covering half an onion, the end of a cucumber or even over mason jars or tin cans! We do find we use the same sizes often so that is why we included two sets.

Lastly, we added mason jar lids and reusable straws. My aunt LOVES using mason jars. They are perfect for so many things and she is hands down an expert! The lids are great for smoothies or iced teas (iced coffee if you are Jon).

If you are a family member who received this gift, please skip this paragraph! We knew we wanted to gift these items early in the year, so if you are looking into these items and have extra time before gifting them, we were able to get the food huggers and drying racks on sale! If not, these items will all pay themselves off within the year if not more. Hands down!

The joy of giving gifts that also align with our passions made this Thanxmas special to us. We hope our family member enjoy the gifts as much as we enjoyed giving them!
Happy Holidays!

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    December 11, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    This post is amazing Jenna. I had started buying these eco friendly produce bags but had no idea all the other stuff existed. Thanks for the education!

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