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Persimmon Forest – feat. Chris Morton

Persimmon Forest

The winter months are cold and seem to last forever. I swear we had below freezing temps in October. This puts a bit of a pause on our Star City Syndicate shows as we physically just fit better in an outdoor venue. Luckily the music making doesn’t have to stop. During this downtime I wrote a short fusion song called Persimmon Forest.

Over the next few months I actually recorded the parts and thought “hey, this is pretty cool sounding!”. But something was a little off… the programed drums just didn’t work for me. However, I left them in the song because they took HOURS to make. I experimented with different feels and grooves before I found one I really liked but it still just was too… mechanical.

I eventually asked my favorite drummer Chris Morton if he’d listen to the track and record it and thankfully he was on board! What took me hours to program he laid down like it was nothing. He said he had to woodshed the groove but I think he’s being modest – he’s just that good a drummer!

I have shared the track (plus 3 others that we worked on) with a few people and they have said they liked Persimmon Forest the most so I have decided to share it with everyone. I’ve heard it has a VGM kind of feel and I have to agree. The bass line in the 2nd verse is hexatonic based… which is just a fancy way to say it sounds pretty modern. I hope you enjoy!

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