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Christmas 2019

What’s the best part of Christmas? There are A LOT of answers to that question. For us, it’s having the chance to be together and do the things that we love… and this past Christmas was no exception. We spent time at home, played music (both at home and away), made some yummy food, and spent some times with the cats. It doesn’t get much better than that!

How do we like to do our holiday meals you ask? Well, just like in years past we do a more formal meal on Christmas Eve and more of a huge variety of foods to snack on throughout Christmas day. The themes this year were an Italian dinner and a charcuterie board to have throughout the day. All vegan, mostly homemade, and all tasty!

These rustic looking things are homemade lasagna rolls! We started the day by getting some sauce simmering while also getting some pasta dough resting and making a basil ricotta. We also baked some bread and after playing at a Christmas eve church service all we had to do is come home and assemble. We paired our meal with some Ceasar salad (with homemade dressing) and we had a great meal in no time! We did top the rolls with some Miyoko’s mozzarella so the meal was not 100% homemade but it was 100% amazing!

On Christmas day we set up our vegan charcuterie board and snacked throughout lunch and dinner time. Surprisingly the board lasted well longer than one day but every bite was so yummy! We will definitely be doing another set up like this in the future.

There is so much goodness on the table it might be hard to list everything! From the top we have Field Roast “Gouda” roll ups, peanut butter stuffed dates, chocolate hummus, crackers, fruit, berries, veggies, vegan herb cheese, pickles, seitan “clam dip”, vegan cream cheese with pepper jelly, crostini, and nuts. It was a mouthful (in more than one way).

It was so good even the cat tried to get a taste!

The meals this year were surprisingly easy to put together. This left us time for what we really wanted to do on our holiday break – spend time together. We hope you all had a great holiday season and we look forward to sharing more with you in 2020!


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