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Like most of you… we have some spare time.

So we’re teachers.

During this pandemic we both have had our schools close their doors and have gone to “remote teaching”. It’s an adjustment for sure… mainly that we really have a ton more time at home right now.

Trust us, it’s not that we’re not working… we are! We are doing everything we can to give our students instruction without actually seeing them. It’s been an interesting and creative experience. Creative in that we’ve had to change how we teach but also that we get to spend a bunch of time in the kitchen!

So here are some pics of what we’ve been making… some old recipes, some new stuff… and just some because we were craving it!

Who doesn’t love a bagel now and then? Hello breakfast for the week!

Purple cabbage stew. This pretty looking bowl actually doesn’t have a ton of ingredients in it BUT packs a ton of flavor.

We tried our hands at making wontons. The nicer looking ones are Jenna’s… We boiled these and put them in the cabbage soup. The next day we air fried some. Both were great!

Some loaded nachos! Cause you gotta induldge now and then!

Pizza stuffed mushrooms with a side salad. Cause even when you indulge it’s important to get your greens in.

An apple a day, right? We have also been trying to keep our fruit intake up…

So there you have it… nothing too crazy but we’ve been trying to keep busy. We’ve practiced a lot, played a lot of games, and made sure the master’s of the house (the cats) are happy. Speaking of the cats… we now know what it’s like to be a house cat. I think they may be ready for us to go back to work!

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