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The Lion King

Last spring we had the opportunity to go in on some group tickets to see a show that was on our bucket list – The Lion King. Our group bought 15 tickets to the show and 10 of us got hotel rooms the night before in Boston to make it an extra fun adventure.

Jon and I hit the road early (mostly due to excitement) to spend some time with his mom and also to explore the area around the hotel. When we arrived it was just about lunch time and lucky for us there was a really hip place called The Friendly Toast. If you have read our Portland blogs you know we liked a place called Silly’s. The Friendly Toast has a very similar vibe and some great vegan options. Jenna had an amazing mac and cheese and Jon had a yummy tofu scramble. The photos hardly do them justice!

While we waiting for the rest of the group to arrive we spent some time walking around a mall and hanging out at a bookstore. Some people might not enjoy an afternoon like that but for us it was just what we wanted to do!

We met up with the group we all shared our excitement for the show the following day. We decided to use some of this excitement by going to a Dave and Buster’s… or perhaps better called a Chuck-E-Cheese for adults. It was a good way to spend an evening and if you were wondering… yes it is totally possible to eat as a vegan there with a few menu modifications and the staff was wonderfully accommodating.

The next day was show day and while we were anxious for the main event we happily explored a bit of the city around the theater to pass time before the main event. The city is so full of life and excitement the 2 hours till the doors opened just flew by.

Now, we weren’t joking when we said seeing The Lion King was on our bucket list and we’re certainly not joking when we say it was worth the drive and the cost. We were at the Boston Opera House which is simply a beautiful theater and our seats were absolutely perfect! The costumes and set design are phenomenal! The songs and characters brought so much nostalgia that we felt like kids again. Even so, the show has some updates such as some modernized lines and new music to keep it fresh.

There were tears and heart felt moments in the way that only great art can move you to. We both loved feeling those strong emotions and neither of us are afraid to show those feelings. Luckily our whole group was on the same page and all of us could only talk about how much we loved the show on the subway ride back to our cars. It was totally worth it!

It is hard to single out a best part. We made so many great memories. But perhaps one of the best things of this trip is that we learned a great way to get in to the city and see a show and we feel we have the confidence to do it again. Perhaps it won’t be too long before we go back again to check another show off our bucket list.

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