By request! Here is a blog about a vegan’s best friend – kale… opps, the coconut… no wait – the AVOCADO! There seems to always be a new trend in the vegan world (lookin’ at you aquafaba) and the avocado may have already had it’s “15 minutes of fame” but it doesn’t mean that they are any less awesome and delicious. Full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals the avocado is an awesome, super tasty, and versatile fruit.

Now this blog post isn’t really just about praising the avocado. The request was for some simple ways that we use it. While it can be used in baking, making puddings, sauces, and fancy stuff like that we tend to like it accompanied by some form of carbs. Hey, we’re simple folk and we know what we like!

Vegan “Reuben”

It’s probably not really anything like a Reuben sandwich… but it is tasty! Take some brown mustard, vegan Russian dressing (or Thousand Island), avocado, sauerkraut and maybe a slice of vegan cheese and it’s a knockout sandwich! Jon prefers his just brown mustard and sometimes a bit of hot sauce for fun.

Pumped Up Caprese

This is actually Avo-Toast… but that coconut bacon is too good not to share!

Tomato, cheese, basil, and balsamic dressing? How boring! Throw some mashed avocado into the mix and it’s all of a sudden interesting! You can even leave out the vegan cheese and it’s just as good!


It wouldn’t be a list without this breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time staple. It’s also super easy! Just mash and spread avocado on toast… that’s it! Add anything you want to it! Red pepper flakes, Everything Bagel Seasoning, tomato, hot sauce, coconut bacon… the options are endless! This is probably the easiest and tastiest way we regularly use avocado.


Enough said…

What ways do you use the mighty avocado? Better and more creative cooks probably have tons of fancy tricks and we’d love to hear them! Let us know below and try a “reuben”… just seriously, try it!

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