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The new studio PT. 2

The upstairs studio has been a point of interest in our last few blog posts as it’s seen some pretty major upgrades. The focus of those blogs has been Jenna’s area. With her birthday approaching (1 week)! We wanted to make her area as comfortable as possible. But her area isn’t the only part of the studio that has been getting upgrades… mine has as well! We have always shared the space and we continue to do so. We have been working together to make sure we each get exactly what we want out of our studio.

My basic set-up (and it really is basic compared to some) used to be a laptop, an interface, and some speakers. This set-up has grown to have a better interface, a secondary computer screen to be working on multiple things at once, and studio monitors. This new equipment lets me hear and see things better as I’m working with the audio files.

Having the means to record audio is great but the next step was figuring out exactly what to record. We’re starting to get that covered too. The studio is now home to a few different amplifiers, a keyboard, several basses, and a drum set. Oh by the way, Star City Syndicate drummer and our neighbor Chris Morton is keeping a fancy new small drum set here! This lets us record drum tracks much easier as there is no lugging equipment around. We even have this perfect little nook to store it. The cats don’t even seem to mind it too much!

Lastly I have changed the way my basses are stored. I now have a smaller wall facing rack to store my basses. While I love (and still have) the rotating bass stand it just wasn’t as practical for recording with more equipment and people over. A few weekends ago we had 4 people recording a (very cool) song and it was a little cramped for space. Problem solved I think!

The space is just about what I want it to be now to make some amateur bedroom recordings! I think all I’d like to add is some comfortable seating for people when we have a long session going. I’m even hoping to be able to show off more music soon!

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