8 AM Music – For Jenna

So as we have to stay home more and more I find that I’m trying to look at the bright side of things as much as possible. Not seeing our students is no fun and the news is always intense right now so I think we all need to try to find things that bring us joy.

One thought that has crossed my mind everyday is that the arts are really shining right now. They are something that we all can do during this extended time at home. Not just music but all the arts – music is just my preferred method. Trust me, there’s a painting of some donuts I did a few years ago that proves I’m better off writing a song about donuts. In fact, if this stay at home order keeps going there may well be a song about donuts that I write!

Another form of art that many people are using to help during this difficult time is video games. And one of Jenna’s (and mine too) favorite games came out just in time to help us while we wait for better news – Animal Crossing!

If you’re not familiar with the franchise it’s a wholesome life-sim game where you tend to a town full of animals… it’s really fun! My favorite part of the game is the music. The music plays for an entire hour and then changes. It takes a lot of careful writing to make music that is enjoyable to listen to on loop for an entire hour but the game surely does it well. Jenna told me her favorite hour theme (so far) is 8 AM so I made a bass arrangement of this hour’s music.

The project was rewarding for me, helped break up the day, and got me some bonus points with Jenna – it’s an all around win!

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