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Last month we decided to try a clean eating challenge for ourselves that we called the #30DaysofFoKs challenge. If you follow our Instagram you would have noticed that all of our dinners came from the Forks Over Knives app. For those that don’t know Forks Over Knives is a program that promotes clean plant based recipes.

The recipes are whole food based with minimal salt. Seem bland? That couldn’t be further from the truth! To prove this to ourselves (and to clean up our “summer diet”) we went 30 days cooking only Forks Over Knives meals for dinner. It went so well we have decided to share our TOP 5 recipes that we made!

1. Spicy Asian Tacos. Butternut squash, broccoli, kale, and a spicy ginger sauce. What’s not to like! In fact, I liked this meal so much it was one of the first dinners I made AFTER we finished the 30DaysofFoKs challenge!

2. Creamy Pasta Primavera. I’m a sucker for pasta, I can’t lie. This veggieful dish was super satisfying and surprisingly light! Plus, look at the colors!

3. Super Stove-Top Mac and Cheese. Did I mention I love pasta? And comfort food that is a bit healthier? Yes please!

4. Easy Veggie Patty. This meal was an easily assembled, healthy, and filling veggie patty. It could be grilled and topped with whatever you wanted. I especially liked the seasoning used in the patties.

5. Enchilada Casserole. Mexican flavors and loaded with veggies, yum! This meal was even better the next day after it had some time to really meld!


1. Farro and Blueberry Salad. Yes, that is right. I picked a salad for my number one meal! If you know me at all, you know I like salad but I don’t LOVE salad. Also, I am super picky about salad dressings. This salad was a divine balance between sweet and savory. It is going on next weeks list of meals!

2. Quinoa Sushi with Thai Peanut Sauce. This was the best sushi I have ever had. I never thought sushi we made at home would top anything we could order out, but this did! I also wasn’t convinced that quinoa would be a good substitute for rice in sushi. Again, I was wrong. Also, the base of the peanut sauce we made with it was made out of chickpea.

3. Chickpea Nuggets. These are in my top five because they held together so well and made a very large batch. I would recommend this recipe to any mom I know (yes, it would pass the kid test!), anyone who meal preps lunches or likes leftovers.

4. Crispy Falafel with Green Sauce. This was another hit for me and while the falafel was excellent, the real star was the green sauce. I plan on just making the sauce on it’s own to use as a salad dressing!

5. Tex-Mex Potato Skins. These required a bit more prep, but were certainly worth it. They would make great appetizers, snacks for watching sports or a nice something warm on a snowy day since the ingredients are very commonly on hand anyway.

Did you notice we didn’t have any repeat recipes? We promise it wasn’t planned! We each came up with our top five on our own before sharing them. I will say though, as we read them to each other we both said things like “oh those were great” or “I thought about those too”. All in all, we can’t speak highly enough of either the hard copy cookbook, magazines or the app (but the pictures make the app just that much better in Jenna’s opinion).

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